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While automotive giants were busy exhibiting their best products at AutoExpo 2018, Mahindra wanted to go the extra mile by doing something that was never done before.
We wondered, can every step taken at the expo power something bigger and better than a shiny display? Can we do something that powers hope at every step of the way?
Thus was born the Mahindra Powerpath, an innovative application of existing technology to create positive impact. The path generates electricity with each step that’s taken on it.
The power generated was stored in batteries and was later donated to Sarvahitey, an NGO that runs a network of night schools and Powerpath - so that it continues to brighten the future of young underprivileged children.
With 800,000 steps taken on the Powerpath at the AutoExpo 2018, a total of 25,000 W of electricity was generated. For those not attending the AutoExpo, we garnered their support over social media by contributing 10 W of electricity for every share and retweet.
Over a period of 6 days, this initiative at the AutoExpo generated a total of 45,000 W.