Twice The Fun: You Gotta Check Out The World’s First Twin Screened Trailer

March 21st, 2017 IST

What Is It?
There are those who see the surface of a film and then there are those who become part of the plot and feel the soul of the film. For the latter, the nonconformists, Zee Entertainment is soon launching ‘&Privé HD’ – a premium English movie channel with a curated list of award-winning titles for all the discerning viewers out there! Staying true to its promise, the channel is launching with a really cool and world’s first ever twin screened trailer giving you a sneak-peek of what to expect from the channel! {How’s that for an offbeat start?}

Feel The Other Side
Let’s say you’re watching the award-winning movie ‘Moonlight’. Are you someone who looks beyond the usual story and delves into the introspective protagonist’s mind as he goes through the path to find a definitive answer to the question “who am I”? If yes, then this channel is meant for you! &Privé HD promises to be the premium movie channel that will be airing movies with multiple layers and perspectives and connect to every cinema lover who feels the other side of the screen. For the launch, &Privé HD has created an innovative viewing experience that’ll get you all decked up for all movie nights to come!

How Does It Work?
Have any two devices running simultaneously.
Now here’s all you gotta do –
Step 1: Open on any device
Step 2: Open on the other device
Step 3: Enter the code on Device 1 and hit ‘Validate’.
Step 4: Hit Play on device 2 and voila, experience double the fun.
The entire concept and execution has been done by 22feet Tribal Worldwide