Kingfisher launches the Pitchers app to answer all nightlife queries

October 6th, 2017 IST

Acknowledging the power of digital, United Beverage’s flagship alcobev brand Kingfisher has launched an aggregator cum classified app targeting urban nightlife. The beverage giant couldn’t have come up with a better name than ‘Pitchers’

“Our consumers are constantly on the lookout for fun exciting nightlife destinations, and often that information is not curated and presented to them in a sensible manner. This app will be a one stop shop for them for any night life related queries — it could be about pubs, clubs, a fancy eating joint or places with live gigs.”

Samar Singh Sheikhawat,  United Beverages Limited marketing

Now available at the Apple and Google Play the app would compete with the likes of Zomato and Foodpanda, with focus on nightlife being its key differentiating factor. “The app shares the entire listing of all the restaurants and pubs, provided that they have a liquor license, unlike Zomato. It also answers frequently asked questions about ‘what is the dress code’, ‘what are the charges as couple, singles and stags, ‘will there be valet parking services or not’, ‘how long will the happy hours be’, ‘What is the music going to be like,’ and if ‘the place has an open smoking zone, etc. This is one of the many ways to reach out to our modern age digitally enabled consumer. We will definitely keep an eye out and see how it evolves into something that can be cashed later.”

The app has been designed and developed by 22feet Tribal Worldwide has already crossed 150.000 downloads with a healthy active base in excess of 40%