eBay & 22feet Tribal Worldwide create immersive digital experiences for Things dont judge

August 29th, 2017 IST
Untold story of a baker video

With the launch of the #ThingsDontJudge, eBay; the popular e-com leader wanted to integrate
its message of ’10 crore things that don’t judge’ with real stories from across the country.
For the same, the brand partnered with 22feet Tribal Worldwide to create premium content that celebrated the success stories of passionate people who went against the grind. These untold stories were of individuals who went ahead and did things they felt passionate about, disregarding the fear of judgement. These stories were then told in an immersive 360 degree audio-visual experience.

The campaign garnered more than 200K views on Facebook alone and is successfully spreading eBay’s message of #Thingsdontjudge.